East Palo Alto Greyhounds...........Road to HOUSTON to compete for the USATF YOUTH National Title!

The East Palo Alto Greyhounds Youth Athletic Association was established in December of 2005 by Eric Stuart.  He is now the Founder/Executive Director and can be contacted at (510) 812-6703 or coachericstuart@gmail.com  .

 In 2005 when the EPA Greyhounds were borne, our GOALS were to:
• Build a Strong Year-Round Youth Sports Club in East Palo Alto.
• Positively Affect the East Palo Alto Community.
• Create Different Avenues of Success for Our Youth.
• Honor Our Mission Statement.
• Keep Growing!

Since the inaugural season of the EPA Greyhounds Youth Athletic Association we have consistently grown. In 9 Years of Track & Field competition, we have produced more than 20 All- American U.S.A. Youth Track & Field Athletes. In 2006, our very first summer of National Competition, Warren Morrison (13 years old) became the first Greyhound to place first in the 100 meters in a National Competition. (Eugene, Oregon Track City Classic). In 2007 Willie Teo-Clifton (10 years old) Finished 6th in the Country in the Javelin Throw (Walnut, California).  In 2008 Aishah Ahmad (10 years old) took first place in the 200 meter dash in a National Championship in Hershey, Pennsylvania (Hershey Meet). In 2009  we won the Pacific Association Championship for the first time in Team History! Also, our 9-10 year old boys took 6th place in the junior Olympics in Greensboro, North Carolina in the 4x100 meter relay. In 2010 our 11-12 year old girls finished 4th in the Junior Olympics held in Sacramento. California. In 2011, Willie Clifton became the National Champion in the Javelin Throw in New Orleans, Louisiana Junior Olympics. In 2012 we traveled to Baltimore, Maryland for the Junior Olympics and Terrance Murphy finished 4th in the shot put, 2013 we traveled back to Greensboro, and our youth boys took 6th in the Relay!

Just as important as our track seasons, was the birth of our Youth Pop Warner Football/Cheer Program in 2008. There had not been an Association from East Palo Alto to ever compete in Peninsula Pop Warner Football. Pop Warner gives youth a chance to go compete in Orlando, Florida (Disney World Complex) for a National Football/Cheer Championships. From 2008 until 2011, our club was not eligible to compete for a trip to Florida. Since we were a new program there was a 4 year wait before our Association was eligible for national competition. During this time our kids played some really good football. More importantly, the kids stayed in the program year after year. A bond like "No Other" had been built between these kids. This past year was our 6th season that these boys had played football together. Our Jr. Pee Wee team (ages 9-11) had an unbelievable year as they posted a record of 14-0 and was the first team in East Palo Alto's History To Qualify for a trip to Orlando, Florida for the Pop Warner National Championship at the Disney Sports Complex.

Qualification for and participation in all National Championships is an attainable goal, however requires financial support that is not in place. Although most competition/games are local and may only require us to pay  participant fees, gas and snacks, it becomes costly because the Greyhounds is a year round organization. We usually travel, fifteen to twenty times a year to overnight/long distance competitions. Our long distance meets/games usually cost us about $5500- $30,000 a trip.  That money covers: meet participant fees, airfare, transportation, gas, lodging, food, and entertainment.  Since we are a non-profit organization, we try to keep the fees for our members to a minimum or no cost at all.  We feel our members should be exposed to as many positive experiences as possible. Practice and game competition is what we would like them to focus on most, while we make sure that the financial support gets in place. We are requesting the assistance of your business/foundation so that we can provide all of the travel opportunities that we feel are necessary to these objectives.

The Greyhounds fall under the umbrella of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).  AAU is a non-profit organization that has been providing competitive sports & recreation for the youth of America for almost a century.  AAU’s mission is to build a strong athletic base to serve the communities that make up our great nation.  As an affiliated organization, the East Palo Alto Greyhounds are recognized as tax-exempt under the Amateur Athletic Union of the U.S. Inc.  Our partnership with this organization ensures that all funding received from sponsors/donors will be tax deductible. Our tax I.D number is 51-0639276.

 With YOUR help our goals for the future and the season can be reached, and we can surely impact the children of East Palo Alto in a positive way.

Financial Breakdown for Junior Olympics in Houston, Texas:
• Airfare: 40athletes 8 coaches ($24,000)
48 Round Trip Tickets @ $450.00 each
• Hotel:  40 athletes 8 coaches ($30,000)
$590 a participant
Value Resort
 • Food: 40 athletes 8 coaches ($5,000)
$20 a day for Meals for Each Participant plus Coaches
• Transportation: 40 athletes 8 coaches ($5,600)
 4 Vans for $700 each plus Gas and Insurance.

 We have survived because of Donors/Foundations such as you/yours. The contributions that have been made to Our Organization have assured that we have stayed afloat through the years. We are continuously fundraising, but are asking for your Financial Assistance in order to get to the National Championship this year. We will NOT leave anyone behind, but with your help we can make sure of that.

Thanks in Advance for Your Consideration,

Eric Stuart
E.P.A. Greyhounds

Please make checks payable and mail to:

East Palo Alto Greyhounds
2633 Fordham St.
EPA CA. 94303